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Magherafelt Council choose GM Canopies

Magherafelt District Council have recently purchased from GM Canopies a total of twenty five Vitabri V3 Fire Retardant 3.00m x 3.00m canopies were purchased. The canopies will assist the ‘Councils’ drive in promoting Magherafelt Town Centre footfall and at the same time promoting new ‘start -up businesses. In the lead up to Christmas 2012 the ‘Council’ had a very successful Christmas with forty traders selling, demonstrating and promoting their products. Many of the ‘traders were local young entraepaneurs tipping their toes into the business world for the first time.

It is encouraging to see Magherafelt Council taking such a pro-active role in promoting these fledgling businesses. Many of the traders attending came from an agricultural background selling local meat, poultry, vegetables and confection produce and products. The Magherafelt Christmas Market situated adjacent to the ‘Town Centre” had a great ‘buzz’ with the grower meeting the customer ‘ Farm to Fork’

with that rare opportunity for the customer to purchase fresh produce direct from the producer.