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V3 Canopy

The V3 range, Vitabri’s flagship product, is the culmination of more than ten years of development. The V3 symbolizes Vitabri’s expertise in terms of quality, sturdiness and simplicity – which places it amongst the most high performance canopies in its category. Ideal for professional use, V3 structures are composed of 100% aluminium frame and 30% fibreglass reinforced polypropylene junction parts. These technical features provide excellent lightness, manageability as well as being extremely durable.

A V3 weighs from 20kgs and measures approximately 32cm2 when closed making the V3 one of the best canopies on the market.


• 100% anodized aluminum frame (15 microns)
• Polypropylene junction pieces with 30 % glass fiber
• 12 available sizes, 4 – 6 leg option
• 3 types of roof-covering materials: PCV/Polyester/Acrylic (wide range of colors)
• 3 levels of telescopic legs (8 cm distance)
• Height under the eave at maximum spring level: 2.11m
• Ridge height at maximum spring level: 3.25m

DimensionsAvailable dimensions
In the V3 range, you can have the following dimensions: :
This is our V3 system. Sturdy and versatile the V3 canopy range can be installed in less than 60secs with the minimum effort. GM Canopies also offers a printing service for fully branded canopies.

Square 2m x 2m 2.5m x 2.5m 2.7m x 2.7m 3m x 3m 4m x 4m
Hexagonal 3m 4m 6m
Rectangle 2m x 3m 2m x 4m 2.5m x 3.7m 2.5m x 5m 2.7m x 5.3m 3m x 4.5m 3m x 6m