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Vitabri introduces the new entry level ‘Eco-Pac’ canopy range 2012

GM Canopies are pleased to announce that Vitabri have introduced an exciting new entry level canopy range known as the  ‘Eco-Pac’. The ‘Eco-Pac’ has a removable poly/pvc roof cover  on the award winning V3 frame. The V3 frame is user friendly, strong and versatile but light 100% aluminium with polyproplyne junction pieces. The Vitabri V3 frame is recognized as one of the best designed frames manufactured in Europe . The ‘Eco-Pac’ is available in three frame sizes 3.00m x 3.00m, 3.00m x 4.50m and 3.00m x 6.00m. The ‘Eco-Pac’ roof cover and side sheets are available in three colours white, navy and black. Contact our sales staff and we will advise you on the model that best sits you requirements.