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Alliance Francaise Dublin 1960-2010

French Ambassador to Ireland (r) discussing Vitabri Canopies with Mr. Gerard Campbell, GM Canopies

Mr. Gerard Campbell, Export Sales Director GM Canopies (L) with The French Ambassador to Ireland

GM Canopies in association with Vitabri were pleased to play an active part in the very successful Alliance Francaise Dublin 1960-2010 exhibition at Spencer Docks, Dublin. Vitabri canopies were the preferred choice of the event organisers for this major six day event which celebrated the close social and commercial links between Ireland and France spanning half a century. The highlight of the six day event was the docking of the ‘Tall Ship Belem’ an impressive vessel with its international crew. Cultural events portraying the strong commercial and cultural links between Ireland and France were held on board ‘The Belem’ each evening attended by musicians, artists, and the Dublin Chamber of Commerce and of course the French community residing in Ireland. Links: www.frencheuropeanmarket.ie