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Mount Stewart Purchase Vitabri Canopies

GM Canopies are pleased to have supplied Mount Stewart with three of the all new Vitabri ‘V3′ canopies. The ‘V3′ is the largest easy-up canopy on the market spanning 5m x 5m. The ‘V3′ canopy can be deployed in minutes ideal for exhibitions and seasonal events. GM Canopies also supplied  Mount Stewart eight ‘V2′ Vitabri ‘Professional’ fire retardant printed PVC Canopies. The ‘V2′ Professional canopy is the most popular canopy in the Vitabri range for its affordability and versatility.

The easy deployment and local availability made GM Canopies and Vitabri the preferred choice of Mount Stewart and the National Trust. We are confident that the canopies will enhance their up coming Christmas programme and their busy 2011 event schedule.

Mount Stewart is the ancesterol home of Lady Londonderry. It is a great place for a family day out with its extensive woodlands. If you are into art and artafacts the house is a must see. The landscaped gardens are a joy to behold any time of the year. links. mountstewart@national trust.com www.nationaltrust.co.uk.